Meeting Recap of Annual NHMA Meeting 2010

On May 23, 2010 the 7th annual NHMA meeting was held and I would like to thank everyone who made it such a success. A special thanks to the Mattots for their generous use of their facility.

This year our speakers covered a wide range of topics from legislation to building sleds.

Yvonne Namesi gave us a summary of the legislation that is coming up, and a lesson every musher should know no matter what state you live in. She then went on to explain the legislation that comes up this year. Yvonne even commented that we were a major force in defeating such legislation as the tethering bill that would put minimum limits on the length of the tethering line, and a time limit that dogs could be left on the line outside per day. She also stated that we played a major part in defeating the house bill that would make it illegal to have more than one intact dog per kennel. This bill was intended to stop puppy mills but would also hurt the mushing community.

Jennifer Codispoti talked about how we play an important part in keeping the trails open for the mushers. She even stated that we have opened some trails to ATVs for training sled dogs. For those that get a ATV sticker you will also get a letter from the trails bureau allowing you to use certain trails on dirt with an ATV. She also went on to say that she is looking for mushers to become adopt-A-trail user. This would mean that a group in a particular area would adopt a particular trail to help keep it open to all users. The goal is get enough people to help keep open the trails so that the state does not impose a user fee. Jennifer also stated the trails bureau and I are working on a trail etiquette pamphlet that would be the rule of the trail for the state.

Karen Jones gave a great talk on sled history, design and sled care. It was a very informative lecture and a lot was learned on sled care and some myths corrected. Karen not only is building the Moody line of sled but also pushing the boundaries of that design in her techniques.

Jim Lalla put together a very tough mushing quiz that had us all scratching our heads trying to win the $50.00 prize.

As usual we try to bring topics that effect, enlighten, and help mushers today and in the future keep their kennel no matter how big or small, for what good is having trails if you cannot keep your dogs to enjoy them. NHMA is always working hard to keep mushing alive in NH, but we need your help as an active member.

Tom DiMaggio,
President NHMA

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