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Siberian Husky Available
Nov 19, 14 11:09 AM
Red/White Female Siberian Husky available to recreational team or pet home. Reba is 5 years old and comes from Serenity Den Siberian Huskies originally. (Warner NH)
Sean Toomey

Passing on an ad for a friend - Dog Sled for Sale
Nov 3, 14 10:56 AM
If you are interested please call person who wants to sell the sled.

Name and number included in the text.

Subject: dog sled for sale

dog sled for sale in Yarmouth Maine
Sled is made in Maine from white ash
Aluminum Bar brake with replaceable carbide tips
Runners are 6 feet long
Mortise and tenon joints, fully lashed for strength and flexibility
No-slip rubber foot pads
Basket is 43" - back is lashed
Includes 2 dog leader gang line hook up for total of 4 dogs and 5 harnesses
2 large 2 medium 1 small

​Contact Karen 207-846-4449 email sealevelas@gmail.com​
(Kingston NH)
Bob Heckman

Cooper SS
Nov 1, 14 11:41 AM
Cooper SS sled in good shape for sale. Lightweight and excellent steering . $650.00 located in NJ. keith

Great sled dogs available
Oct 9, 14 11:27 PM
We have some great dogs available to competitive, recreation or touring sled homes.

ROSS- 5 years old, intact male. Bred by Keith Bryer. Great team or wheel dog. Has awesome endurance. Well behaved in line and in the yard. Eats and drinks without issue. Will be a great addition to someone's team. $100.00

TAB- 6 year old spayed trail leader. Will lead on any size team. Will lead for a 16 dog team or will ski and bikejor. Never spooks. Just gets in line and does her job. Quiet, easy keeper. Is an all around good dog that will benefit anyone's team. $100.00

IZZY- 7 year old, spayed Gee/Haw leader. Works well up front with Tab. Small, compact dog of 38 pounds. This dog can go for miles. $100.00

Lady, Sansa, Foxy and Ghost- 9 month old female pups. Have been harness broke and are LOVING it! These girls are spayed and up to date with all vaccines. Have been training in small teams and with the bike. These dogs are from a bitch we bought directly from Ellis. $100.00 ea (Penacook NH)
Angie Carter 63-724-8006

Cooper SS Tech Sled For Sale
Oct 8, 14 11:18 PM
Cooper SS tech sled for sale. Used very minimal. Can be used for sprint or mid distance racing. Have used it with 16 dogs and with 3 dogs effortlessly. Sled is great for making up time on the trail around corners or on the flats. It is lightweight, flexible, durable and folds up for easy storage. This is a great sled for anyone wanting to venture into the world of tech sleds. $1200.00. (Penacook NH)
Angie Carter

rig for sale
Oct 2, 14 1:39 AM
chambers rig for sale $300.00 (newton Mass)
Steve Jaillet

Dog Scooter for Sale
Oct 1, 14 12:09 AM
Toucan dog scooter for sale. Excellent condition. Front and rear bicycle type hand brakes. Asking $100. Pictures available. Email at nhsnowdogs@gmail.com. (Wolfeboro NH)
Scott Isabelle

Ed Moody Sled For Sale
Sep 27, 14 11:45 AM
I have a dog sled made by Ed Moody of Rochester, NH that I would like to sell. It was built in the late 80's and used very little. For more info please e-mail or call.
Dan Brown
Bristol, Maine
207-677-2348 (Bristol Maine)
Dan Brown

Musher Club Group Purchasing Interest Survey
Sep 26, 14 6:24 PM
BH Sales Group Purchasing Interest Survey
Large Group Member Discounts Sled Dog Clubs, Musher Clubs -Dog Breed Clubs

Please List Your Club Particulars = Volume Designation:
I.E. Sled Dog Club, Musher Club, Etc.

Please also list how many members you have?

Please List Your E mail Address Below

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Please list the dates of your club meetings i.e 1 monthly,
bi-weekly, etc

Forward Your Info To bill@kennelkelp.com
(Westbrook Maine)
Bill http://www.kennelkelp.com

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