NHMA Classifieds

NHMA Classifieds
Sep 25, 15 12:06 AM
Features an easier way of loading/unloading as well as more security for dogs (from people who can’t keep from sticking fingers through a door opening). The dogs load themselves, hopping into the truck bed and into their boxes.

All panels of MDO not plywood. Joints glued and screwed. Door grilles and box dividers cut from Kennelaire dog crate panels. Great ventilation. Hinges and most other hardware are stainless steel.

Carries 5 large dogs, 2 in each (19”x32.5”), rail-mounted box 1 in the bed-mounted box (18”x32”). Rails for 2 sleds.

Lots of standing room in the truck’s bed! Built for compact truck but easily adaptable.

Plus 1 gear cabinet, 1 harness/tug line closet, 2 under-box areas shielded with Sunbrella curtains.

Modular design, one person can install/remove box after initial fitting.

Excellent condition.

Visit sleddogcentral.com “Mushing Innovations: Geezer-Musher Dog Box” for photos.

Must be painted. Copyrighted images are not transferable.

( Connecticut)
Mark Hamilton

Dog Crates
May 11, 15 8:18 AM
I have 2 dog crates (airline/travel type), sized for large dogs. Excellent condition. Asking $25 each. Call 603-774-0019 Jim (Dunbarton NH)
Jim Lalla

Dog Box for Sale
May 11, 15 12:30 AM
Dog Box suitable for 4-8 dogs. Currently on Ford F 150 extended cab. Built in 2 sections for easy on/off. Call Jim @ 603-774-0019 (Dunbarton NH)
Jim Lalla

Martin Hat For Sale
May 8, 15 2:55 AM
Sewed by expert Native Alaskan seamstress. Triple tail tassel. Suede leather outer shell. Suede leather ties. Very warm!!! $250. Call/text 907-474-8738. I will send photos upon request. (Fairbanks AK)
Josh Snow

North Star Sled has been Sold
Mar 30, 15 12:07 AM
Moody Sled still available. ( NH)
michael amaral

3 Year Old Male Siberian
Mar 23, 15 9:56 AM
"Ezra" is available this spring to the right home. Turns 3 in April. Intact male from solid racing lineage. Parents are both leaders, as are all of his grandparents. Visit the link above for pedigree. Email for current photos and more info. (Wentworth NH)
Jaye Foucher http://www.sibersong.com/dogs/ezra.php

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