The use of Musher is to be defined as “any person engaging in a dog powered sport, be it with a scooter, kick sled, cross country skis, dog sled, motorized training rig, etc.”

NH Mushers Association is an organization dedicated to maintaining and promoting safe and responsible trail usage for all dog powered sports and activities.

NH Statewide Trails Advisory Committee is aware of the potential for dangers of snowmobiles and dogsleds sharing the same trails all over the state. The committee strongly encourages us to unify, educate and protect ourselves on and off the trails. The NHMA enables us to have a group to voice our concerns, disseminate information to all types of trail users, to educate ourselves, and protect our present privileges.

Everyone is important to this cause. Recreational skijorers and weekend mushers are just as important as professional racers. We all need the support of the NH Statewide Trails Advisory Committee and the use of these trails to pursue a sport we all love.

Please join us in our efforts to make our trails safer for ourselves and our dogs!

NHMA and sport betting

The NH Mushers Association is an organization in the United States that promotes mushing, a sport involving the use of a dog sled to propel a team of dogs and riders over snow-covered terrain. Founded in 1991 by Adele and David Johnson, the association has grown to include members from all across the country. The organization provides educational opportunities for mushers, as well as services such as health care and insurance for their canine athletes. They also host events like races and camps, which provide fun activities for both mushers and spectators alike.

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The NH Mushers Association is passionate about promoting healthy competition among its members while simultaneously educating them on the history and importance of the sport. They strive to connect communities with mushing opportunities throughout New England, allowing more people to experience this exciting winter pastime first-hand. Through their events, they are also working hard to ensure that all participants have access to safe environments where they can build strong relationships with each other while having fun at the same time. As more people become aware of how enjoyable mushing can be, it is likely that interest in sport betting with 1xbet in nigeria will continue rising over time.

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We are down to wire, and it’s getting really thin!

This is crunch time and our last chance to put a stop to the Pet Vendor definition or it will become law and we will have to fight to change it next session which will be an even steeper uphill battle than we’ve experienced to date.

The Pet Vendor language passed the Senate in HB2 yesterday. Because HB2 had already been approved by the New Hampshire House of Representatives, this language will not receive a single public hearing before the House. Next HB2 will go to conference committee (with members from Senate Finance and House Finance, exact members TBD).

We need everyone to help! What can you do?

Are any of the following your Rep?

If so, please contact them to urge them to remove the Pet Vendor language from the budget (Item # 337 and 338: page 137, lines 13-29 of Amendment to HB 2-FN-A-LOCAL, #2019-2403s). This language has No fiscal impact, is policy that should have gone through committees and public hearings, should not be in budget and will have many unintended consequences.

It would be ideal if you can speak to them on the phone, or even schedule a time to meet in person.

Please urge your clubs to contact the Speaker and Chair of House Finance as well!

If the following are not one of your Reps

Please contact your Reps (brownie points for Democrats) and request they speak to the House Finance Committee on your behalf, their constituent, to request this language be removed from the budget.

  • Speaker:

  • Steve Shurtleff (D) - Merrimack - District 11
  • House Finance Members:

  • Chairman Mary Jane Wallner (D)
  • VChairman David Huot (D)
  • Sharon Nordgren(D)
  • Peter Leishman(D)
  • Thomas Buco(D)
  • William Hatch(D)
  • Susan Ford(D)
  • Patricia Lovejoy(D)
  • Mary Beth Walz(d)
  • Mary Heath(D)
  • Joelle Martin(D)
  • Kate Murray(D)
  • Kenneth Weyler(R)
  • Lynne Ober(R)
  • David Danielson(R)
  • Peter Spanos(R)
  • Erin Hennessey(R)
  • Richard Barry(R)
  • Joseph Pitre(R)
  • Werner Horn(R)
  • Keith Erf(R)

Go here to determine who your Reps are and access contact information: http://gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/default.aspx
Senate Budget Floor Amendment #2019-2403s

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