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In an effort to try to keep information on items pertinent to the trails world we wanted to update you on the hearing for House Bill 1248 next Tuesday morning (10:45am) in the House Resources, Recreation & Development Committee. The language for this bill was presented to STAC at the Sept 25, 2013 meeting and STAC voted to support the concept of this bill and proposed language. The idea of this bill is to include a statement about Assumption of Risk for outdoor recreational users, similar to one that exists for OHRV and snowmobile riders. The language is taken directly from RSA 215-A:5 c and RSA 215-C:55 (ohrv and snowmobile respectively) and these statutes help relieve landowner concerns as much as the Duty of Care and Landowner Liability Limited statutes. The bill language is below:
AN ACT relative to the acceptance of risk in outdoor recreational activities. SPONSORS: Rep. R. Brown, Graf 2; Rep. Moynihan, Coos 2; Rep. Raymond, Belk 4; Sen. Woodburn, Dist 1 COMMITTEE: Resources, Recreation and Development ANALYSIS This bill provides that persons who engage in outdoor recreational activities accept the dangers inherent in such activities and shall not maintain a legal action against an owner for resulting injuries. 1 New Paragraph; Duty of Care; Acceptance of Risk; Outdoor Recreational Activities. Amend RSA 212:34 by inserting after paragraph VII the following new paragraph: VIII. It is recognized that outdoor recreational activities may be hazardous. Therefore, each person who participates in outdoor recreational activities accepts, as a matter of law, the dangers inherent in such activities, and shall not maintain an action against an owner, occupant, or lessee of land for any injuries which result from such inherent risks, dangers, or hazards. The categories of such risks, hazards, or dangers which the outdoor recreational participant assumes as a matter of law include, but are not limited to, the following: variations in terrain, trails, paths, or roads, surface or subsurface snow or ice conditions, bare spots, rocks, trees, stumps, and other forms of forest growth or debris, structures on the land, equipment not in use, pole lines, fences, and collisions with other objects or persons. 2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect January 1, 2015.

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